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Poem by a COVID-19 Survivor

25 May

Lest I forget such morbid statelessness

The stark rottenness and helplessness

That lingered within the borders of hopelessness



What I experienced, as the angel of death sniffed at me

Is simply not a flu or fever system

It is an ‘intelligent symptom’ filled with malice and malevolence



Helplessness under the claw of evil

Bolstered by a strange persistent weakness

Of which the world out there could do little to rescue



That languid forlorn countenance

Tells of the helplessness of power when confronted with death

And the hopelessness of a system bereft of any assurance



When the choice of going down or staying well was not up to me

It easily could have gone either way

The loving cares of families and friends, far and near

Who were equally helpless, but could only say ‘sorry’



The impracticability of self-isolation and social distancing

No meaningful prayers you can muster in such state

Covid knows what it’s up to: to kill and destroy!



Now, I will sing the goodness of the Lord

Who did not cast me to the netherworld

I praise Him who has rescued me

My strength, my courage, my joy!