Services Detail

Rope Ascess

High Glass Cleaning

Window and glass give the first impression to your office or resident. It reflects the way of living, activeness, attitude, branding and professionalism of the people. Clean and clear windows leave positive impression on people. Your clear window reflects your activeness, reliability, positive vibrancy and bright vision. So let’s get your resident or office bright with our services which include:

  • Commercial window or glass cleaning
  • Residential window or glass cleaning
  • High glass maintenance
    • Caulking and restoring (stain and scratch removal)
  • High rise access equipment consultation


  • Punctual, friendly, well trained, skilled, experienced and professional manpower
  • Health and safety first priority
  • Customer service is the main goal
  • Environmentally approved and Non allergic chemicals
  • Cleaning service on difficult access via rope or mechanical approach

Wall Painting

Painting your house doesn't simply make it appear nice; it also has some great hidden benefits. Painting your house is one of those unsaid things that engulfs the room every weekend; When are we going to paint? It's usually a last-minute project that we save for a long weekend when we feel like we'll finally get around to it.

However, painting your house isn't just a weekend project. It is far more valuable than an attitude of "I think we should." Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home, whether it's the outside or interior walls, has some surprising advantages.

hoarding board

The goal is to show potential customers that your brand/outlet exists, as well as the opening date, identity, and location. Traders are increasingly using this high-impact communication technique. A hoarding board is a type of temporary decoration that can be switched out or removed as needed. Interior hoarding boards have the advantage of concealing repairs and work-in-progress while also suppressing noise.

They are not only an aesthetically pleasing, but also an utilitarian way of communication. This type of product is typically made up of digitally printed high-definition extra-large adhesives mounted on boards that cover the front of your outlet.